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Plone sprint in Toulouse

Par Eric Brehault publié 25/09/2017
Pastanaga, React and Angular
Plone sprint in Toulouse

We have been sprinting during the PyConFr 2017 in Toulouse from the 21st to the 24th of september.

Our main objective was to work on Pastanaga, the new Plone theme, and to improve the two existing Plone frontend implementations (React and Angular).

The team

We had some long-time plonistas:

  • Roel and Rob from Netherlands
  • Fulvio from the US
  • Thomas and Eric from Makina Corpus
But we also had the pleasure to welcome new contributors interested in both Plone and frontend development:
  • Alexandra and Bastien from Makina Corpus
  • Tarik and Bastien (another one)
Who would have imagined we could convince some Python conference participants to sprint on JavaScript :) 


We spend some time analysing possible CSS frameworks to implement Pastanaga.

Our criteria were the following:

  • well maintained project and active community
  • providing well maintained implementations for both React and Angular (so we do not have to implement and maintain a component library by ourselves)
  • and no jQuery dependency
And we were looking for a Material compliant framework.
But it appeared no currently existing Material framework complies our criteria (to make a long story short: MDL React implementation is not maintained anymore, Materialize depends on jQuery, and Material 2 only exists for Angular...).
We ended up with SemanticUI, which has a lot of flaws (the markup is not excellent, it provides only LESS implementation, etc.), but appeared as a relatively acceptable compromise (at least for now, but we will eventually pick something better at some point).

Alexandra, Tarik and Bastien made a great work to integrate the currently designed Pastanaga elements in an NPM package providing only CSS that can be used as a dependency in both Plone Angular and Plone React implementations.

And Eric worked on a Node script able to compile a custom Pastanaga theme so people can easily theme their Plone site by providing a simple folder structure to override default Pastanaga elements.


Rob and Roel implemented a lot of missing control panels in plone-react.

Bastien (the other one) worked on integrating the ORY editor into plone-react.

And Rob included the Pastanaga package in plone-react and started the theme integration.


Thomas added more precise types in many part of the @plone/restapi-angular code, he also implemented a cache service supporting cache invalidation and auto-refresh.

Fulvio migrated @plone/restapi-angular from @angular/http to @angular/common/http which involved an important re-write of the tests. And he investigated the integration of ORY editor in Angular.

And Bastien added some extra tests.